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Reported Problems and Solutions

If you face any problem, kindly notify us at: .

Reported Problem 1 : Changing URL's clicking on modify button takes you to homepage
Solution: It takes you to Modify page and NOT Home Page. Technically we have taken this decision so it becomes harder to be tracked.

Reported Problem 2 : 4 windows navigation is a problem
Solution: the four windows are resizable. The point is: we are solving the problem of wastage of the User viewable area.

Reported Problem 3: Downloadable software
Solution: The time has come to do everything through the Web. We have knowingly kept it that way as it becomes easier for you to surf the Web from anywhere in the World with an Internet connection.

Reported Problem 4 : Flexibility of typing the URL's in each window
Solution: It is a Beta (test) version and we are working on the enhancements.